Frequently Asked Questions


1. How to store?

It’s best to store in the refrigerator or freezer.  If you don't plan to use the dried shrimp for an extended period, consider storing them in the freezer.  Place the airtight container or bag in the freezer, and they can last for 6 months or even longer.


2. Ways to eat?

Ready-to-eat dried shrimp are a convenient and versatile ingredient used in various cuisines. Many people enjoy eating dried shrimp as a snack straight out of the bag. They have a unique umami flavor and a slightly chewy texture. You can savor them as a tasty and nutritious snack on their own.


3. What do people normally cook dried shrimps with?

Fried Rice with Dried Shrimp: An incredibly quick and simple meal to make. Add fried rice, dried shrimp, eggs & spam. Add your choice of vegetables. Toss until well incorporated. It helps to break it apart with a spatula. 

Noodle Dishes: Sprinkle dried shrimp over noodle dishes like pad Thai or Pad See Ew, or even instant noodle for an added depth of flavor and texture.

Asian Stir-Fries: Include dried shrimps in stir-fries with vegetables and your choice of carb for an extra layer of flavor. 

Dried Shrimp and Salad: Add minced dried shrimp and chopped peanuts, mixing well. Garnish with fresh herbs before serving.